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    Styles and Actions

    Paradoxes and Agreements in the Conservatory Teacher\\\s Practice

    Sven Åberg

    How is it possible to transfer practical knowledge, like music making!

    How do you become a musician? Why is the master/apprentice relationship still so alive in conservatory music teaching? How can practical knowledge like music making be transferred?

    Using three Dialogue Seminar series attended by teachers and students from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sven Åberg develops a view of the conditions surrounding the transfer of a practice.

    Aspects addressed include the way language is used in contexts closely related to action, how it is sometimes necessary to "go round" problems with the help of language pictures, and the disagreement that surrounds central concepts like "interpretation".

    An additional theme is the inherent contradictions, for example planning/spontaneity and simplicity/complexity that both pedagogue and musician encounter in their daily work. The picture of the way an experienced practitioner handles "paradoxical fields" of this kind influences our view of practical knowledge in general.

    The book is produced upon order. Please allow 5–10 work days for delivery.

    The book is also available in Swedish titled Spelrum/Boken går också att beställa på svenska under titeln Spelrum via Dialoger Förlag & Metod.

    Bandtyp: Häftad

    ISBN: 978-91-7335-024-2

    Språk: Engelska

    Originalspråk: Svenska

    Kategori: Santérus Academic Press

    Etiketter: Lärande

    Utgivning: november 2010

    Format: 142x215

    Antal sidor: 212

    Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara

    Inkl moms och porto
    Sven Åberg

    Författarfoto: Annette Taranto

    Sven Åberg has been a professional lutenist since the early 1980s and is a senior lecturer in lute and chamber music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. His main field is early music in all its guises, but he has also ventured into traditional Swedish music as well as into notated or improvised contemporary music.


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