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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Challenges and Practices

    Peter Dobers Editor

    The 14 essays by prominent European business scholars are an authoritative account of CSR challenges, practices and excellent case studies of corporations integrating sustainability into everyday practices and the core of their business.

    Corporate social responsibility is one of many popular expressions focused on long-term accountability of corporations. Such accountability, however, poses challenges since CSR issues transcend traditional boundaries of organizations, cities or countries and is relevant to globally oriented corporations, small local communities and self-sufficient family businesses alike. The leadership challenge in society is thus immense and the foundation to face this challenge rests on identity, values, and moral concerns of managers, consumers, and family members playing the roles of responsible citizens and accountable social beings.

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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Editor: Peter Dobers

    Medförfattare: Peter Dobers, Niklas Egels-Zandén, Minna Halme, Sven Helin, Lise-Lotte Hellöre, Hanna Hjalmarsson, Johan Jansson, Tommy Jensen, Markus Kallifatides, Jean-Charles Languilaire, Monica Macquet, Jonas Nilsson, Nigel Roome, Johan Sandström, Birgitta Schwartz, Emma Sjöström, Christa Thomsen, Karina Tilling, Richard Welford, Karolina Windell

    Bandtyp: Häftad

    ISBN: 978-91-7335-012-9

    Språk: Engelska

    Originalspråk: Engelska

    Kategori: Santérus Academic Press

    Etiketter: Arbetsliv

    Utgivning: augusti 2010

    Format: 142x215

    Antal sidor: 360

    Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara

    Inkl moms och porto
    Peter Dobers

    Peter Dobers has an interest in how ideas of corporate (social) responsibility, broadband, city images or sustainable development travel the world, are enabled or disabled. He holds a chair in management and sustainable development at Mälardalen University and is currently associate dean of the Faculty for Humanities, Social and Caring Sciences. He has also been visiting professor at Umeå School of Business and Economics in the years of 2006–2008. Dobers has published widely in areas such as corporate (social) responsibility, sustainable development, urban studies and modern information and communication technology and is frequently commissioned as guest speaker by industry and municipalities.

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