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    Restorative Justice and Criminal Justice

    Exploring the Relationship

    Linda Gröning, Jørn Jacobsen Editors

    What is restorative justice and is its relationship to the traditional criminal justice system?

    The traditional criminal justice system aims at both effective crime prevention and effective prevention of the abuse of public penal power. Restorative justice, as understood in the contemporary debate, signifies a process in which offenders, victims, their representatives and representatives of the community come together to agree on a response to a crime. Through the multitude of different restorative justice processes – such as victim/offender mediation, sentencing circles or restorative cautioning schemes - perspectives of restorative justice often underline equal emphasis on victims, offenders and community, emphasis on relationships and a forward-looking approach.

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    Restorative Justice and Criminal Justice

    Editors: Linda Gröning, Jørn Jacobsen

    Medförfattare: Elizabeth Baumann, Ingun Fornes, Linda Gröning, Jørn Jacobsen, Katja Jansen Fredriksen, Hendrik Kaptein, David C. Vogt

    Bandtyp: Häftad

    ISBN: 978-91-7335-032-7

    Språk: Engelska

    Originalspråk: Engelska

    Kategori: Santérus Academic Press, Juridik

    Utgivning: mars 2012

    Format: 142x215

    Antal sidor: 180

    Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara

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    Linda Gröning

    Linda Gröning is assistant professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen. Her fields of interest are criminal law, EU law and legal theory and she has published several books and articles within these fields.

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    Jørn Jacobsen

    Jørn Jacobsen is currently post. doc.-researcher at the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen. His field of interest is criminal law and legal theory. He has published several books and articles on these subjects. His ph.d.-thesis, Fragment til forståing av den rettsstatlege strafferetten (in English: Fragments concerning the criminal law in the democratic Rechtsstaat), discussed the aims and limits of criminal law within a democratic Rechtsstaat. His is currently working on a project concerning the concept of crime. Jacobsen is project leader for the research projects Criminal Law Theory – A New Norwegian Approach, and, together with Linda Gröning, Theory in Practice: Risks and Responses in Modern Criminal Law.

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